Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pics from my USA visit Jackson, Ms

Well I'm late again on getting some pics online here :D ... always too busy :)

My first USA visit was from the 10th Aug. - 01. Sept. and I really enjoyed that time there. It was very nice :D

My trip started at the airport in Stuttgart with Delta Airlines to Atlanta, Georgia. There I needed to catch the connecting flight to Jackson, Ms.
That was really horrible... the immigration pass control was taking so much time that I almost missed my conn. flight. Hundreds of people were waiting to get through the control and I got really nervous, looking at my watch ... thinking of catching the plane ... well... I made it with some help for travellers with conn. flights. But it was pure chaos there.
Hurrying to get my luggage and recheck, and go through the saftey control again... and the plane was supposed to leave in a few minutes. Hey... :D I can tell you... I was running... yes, running, hoping to catch that plane.... and then the gate changed :( WHAT?? Running back all the way again...taking the train to the other section and finally arrived at the right gate... the screen didn't show that flight anymore, because I was so late.
Hurrying into the plane ... the only one you could see on the airfield.... and recognizing the stewardess saying to the one behind me "Hi, on your way to Cleveland again"? HUH??? Cleveland?? I don't want to go to Cleveland ... omg :D .... someone showed me then that the plane to Jackson was behind the other one... you couldn't see it, and there wasn't any sign or note what final destination what plane has.... oh well, I finally got into the right one .... being logy though as you can think :) What an adventure :D

These pics are made in Canton,Ms :

Some pics of the cats where I stayed .... The first one is Spookey and the second one her brother Chunky (-Monkey) :D

And some pics out of car of the Lake Barnet Reservoir