Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guardian Angels - Schutzengel!

A lot did happen from last year 'til now...

My mom had a bad stroke last year, one day before her 72 birthday on 18th Dec. She fell and also broke her pelvis. This is almost one year ago and she 's walking again... not like before but we are happy with how she recovered from the stroke. The fingers still do not feel anything, but she can use her arm and hand again. GO on! :)

I mentioned some time before that I had a part time job and this year I got a permanent position for half days on three days a week. I'm really so glad about this! Got my creativity back a little and creating more focal beads again :) Good thing!

Also since beginning of this year we got a new family member :) NINO - Yessss! The Pony, my daughter did take care of is her's now! She is so happy with him! They are working on him with a special trainer to break him in again and he got a new saddle. They found out that he might did have bad back pains, thats why he was hitting out sometimes. She is already riding him again slowly :)

OK, so I told about the guardian angels, right? This shocked us all very much and we are so happy that my son is doing so fine! 
His friend and him had to drive to school last week what is about half an hour away from here in Bad Überkingen, near Geislingen/Steige. His friend does have his driving license for about two weeks and wanted to turn left to school and did not see the oncoming traffic. A car crashed into the side where my son was sitting and the firedept. needed to cut him out as they couldn't open the door anymore. His was told not to move, because of possible vertebrae injury. They x-rayed him and did ultrasound of the internal organs ... all was OK! He's got only bruises along his right side, the rips hurt most he said. 
This is the link from the newspaper:

So, we are going to have nice and grateful X-Mas Holidays and wish you all the same!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kinderfest & Umzug / Children's treat and festival procession

I know I'm a little late on this but anyway... I wanted to show you the pics of the children's treat and the festival procession on the 16th, July.
Every two years our village celebrates this party for the children and it starts with a festival procession. As my daughter was with some other equestrians on top of the procession I needed to take some pics of course :)
All together:

And "Ninchen" (Nino) with Jasmin:

Pretty Nino :)

After the procession everyone could meet in a big party tent where a band was playing ... There were also the italian  interchange people from Italy of our village here and made delicious italian food. .....  the party went on to the early morning hours :) A very nice day!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

YYEeeeaaaAAHHH - Perfect Day!

YEEEEeeeeeesssss :D  On Saturday I had my belated birthday party with my friends and there was also the world cup soccer match Germany vs. Argentina. After only 2 minutes we had our first goal *yeeeeaaahhh* :D and won with 4:0 !!!!
It was a very hot day, about 37°C / 98°F very unusual for this place here and sooo great as I like it warm and hot :D
On the floor you can see our world cup trophy ... an empty beer barrel from the first match with all our signatures on :) We carry it to every other match with us as a mojo

It's a hot, hot summer :) .... playing with water for cooling down a bit
Getting late .... :)
It was just a PERFECT DAY!!!  :)))

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back on Track

Hi ya'll, so I find some time to update my blog.... finally! :)

Some of you might have seen the last bead sets on my website and that I called one set "Back on Track"
Well, there is a story behind that. ...  long story short: after struggling and stumbling around for the last two years I found myself again and what is really important in my life. My family and my friends are the most important things ... and that's why " I'm back on Track"!

Things what happened in the last months: In April my flight was booked to Jackson ( Sandhill ), Ms and as there was the problem with the Iceland ash cloud it got cancelled and postponed for 7 days. One day before the flight my son got a lung collaps (pneumothorax) and needed to stay in the hospital. As he was getting well fast on the same day with the air drainage and the doctors said he will be fine I didn't postpone the flight again. Another reason for not postponing was that there was a short trip booked to the gulf coast at 2nd of May to Long Beach, Ms in a bed &and breakfast lodge (Long Beach Lodge) We stayed there for 4 nights and it was very nice except the missed ship tour to ship islands and that only one (ok two) visit at the beach for relaxing and going into the ocean... I love that so much :)
I did stay in close contact to my son and my family each day on the Yahoo IM messenger and it was ok.

I will get the pics of the trip online in a flickr album. It was really nice there although the oil spill happened two weeks before, but you didn't see anything so far at the beach.

Getting back home again I had a quarrel with Jim R. aka heartofdragon from glasskissedstudio - Sandhill, MS and he didn't talk to me anymore for over one week. The cooperation with glasskissedstudio ended with that. Right now I'm having a hard time to get my stuff back to Germany as I do not know when or if he ship things. I have a lot of bead presses there what I would like to sell and there are all of my focal beads, thats why I put them offline everywhere in the shops. When I get them back here to my home I will put them online again ... hopefully they arrive soon!  I'm also waiting for a bunch of glass and other bead making tools, so I'm a bit nervous if everything will work out right. I really never got so dissapointed in my whole life by a person like him.
Oh well.... live goes on.... let it go! :)
Another good thing is, that my (rather my husbands one) old ebay account is activated again: *bead-fairy* is alive again and I will get more new sets online there. Hopefully my old customers find my beads again in the ebay bead jungle :)

Now I'm enjoing life more than ever in the last years and that is the best thing of all. One of my friends have had his 40's birthday and that is a very important one in Germany... that is a very big, big thing. Here in the swabian area they say you get "wise" when you turn 40 :) Everyone tries to do something very special like singing special texted songs for him or playing a little scene. We played a scene from the little red riding hood (brother grimms) but played it with different, funny song texts. We had a blast :D and the guests all liked it very much, too!
I will put some more pics also online on my flickr.

Another good thing is, that my (rather my husbands one) old ebay account is activated again: *bead-fairy* is alive again and I will get more new sets online there. Hopefully my old customers find my beads again in the ebay beads jungle :)

Thats it folks, I will come back later for more.... so long
~~ Karin

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A lot of stuff to tell :)

It's been a while that I've been here.... as I didn't had any nerve to spend much time for blogging or tweets or anything else. I was just too busy with myself I guess.
A lot things have happened in the meanwhile, since last November.
Of course I cancelled my flight to the USA as my daughter had her surgery on that day I should fly, but got another one a week later.
The surgery went fine and now, three months after that we need to do a x-ray control, to be sure everything is fine. They put two needles into the vertebra to pumb it up again to a normal shape and then they put some kind of "cement" (ceramics) into it. An organic one what will be replaced over two years with her own osseous matter. After that she still needed to wear a corsette...but not the whole day. If everything is fine now... she's allowed to do sports again and horse riding.
Yeeeaaah, I know :D  but that is what she really loves doing. But she's not allowed to ride that horse again as it is very difficult to handle.
She is so sad that she can not ride him again, but the lady at the stable also told her that she's not allowed to ride him again.
All her sadness came out on that video she made:

But I'm so glad that she is ok again and not sitting in a wheel chair. I spend a nice time in the USA and got back right before my mothers birthday on the 18th Dec.

I have large personal goals for this year and do not really know what I can make and where I will fail. Right now it seems more that I fail on almost everything :(
Good thing is... that I lost some weight ... 20lbs so far but I still have some more to go and personal frustation  is throwing me always back again :( 
Good thing is too, ...that I have a part time job now and I can start to save some money if possible for my own.

Good thing is... that my son got 18 years old this month on the 12th and he is simply a great kid!! ♥♥♥☺ The 18th birthday is special here...it is like getting 21 in the States. So he is allowed to do everything now without his parents agreement ... idk is that really a good thing?? :D  *joking*

Good thing is... that I have a new ebay account now on my name to sell my beads
Bad thing is.... it takes time to build it up ... sales are so frustrating slow that I'm having a really hard time.
Good thing is... a few customers support me and switched with me to that new account.

I'm confident that I reach some goals I have. Wish me good luck! So long ...☺

Monday, November 23, 2009

Reitunfall / Horse riding accident

So schnell kann es gehen! Nachmittags am Freitag "tschüß" gesagt zu meiner Tocher und 1.5 Std. später bekomme ich einen Anruf, dass sie vom Pferd gestürzt ist! Gott sei Dank haben sie sie so liegen lassen, wie sie gestürzt ist und mit einer Decke zugedeckt, bis der Arzt eingetroffen ist und die Lage abgeklärt hat. Daraufhin wurde der örtliche Deutsche Rote Kreuz Krankenwagen gerufen um sie aus dem kalten Sand in den Wagen zu bringen und ein weiterer Krankenwagen aus der nächsten Kleinstadt mit Zementbett gerufen, damit sie sich nicht bewegen kann.
Alle haben klasse angepackt! Überraschung für mich war auch, dass der Freund von meinem Sohn Bereitschaft gehabt hatte und Jasmin mit auf die Trage gelegt hat. Danke an alle!
Im Krankenhaus wurde nach Röntgenbildern und Computertomographie festgestellt, dass sie einen stabilen Lendenwirbelbruch hat. Das einzigst gute daran ist, dass der Bruch in Richtung Bauchraum zeigt und nicht ins Rückenmark, somit müssen wir keine Angst vor einer Lähmung haben.
Da ja am Wochenende nicht viele Ärzte anwesend sind, müssen wir bis morgen zur Besprechung warten, wie der Behandlungsplan aussieht.

Es herrscht das volle Chaos bei uns... heute war Tommi noch auf der Suche nach einem Auto, da unser alter nicht mehr bremst und ich hetze danach ins Krankenhaus. Am Mittwoch fliege ich eigentlich in die USA und habe zu guter letzt auch noch Zahnschmerzen am Wochenende bekommen. Also, volles Programm morgen:
warten bis die Klinik anruft und zur Besprechung fahren, Zahnartz Termin ausmachen, vorsichtshalber alles für den 3-wöchigen USA Trip herrichten. Ich weiß grad gar nicht, wo mein Kopf steht!
Mal sehen wie es weitergeht, ob ich die Reise um ein paar Tage verschieben muss oder nicht.

Well, that can happen so fast! Saying bye, bye  to my daughter on Friday afternoon and 1.5hours later I get a phone call that she had a horse riding accident! It was already dark and cold as I got there. Thank god that they let her lie in the sand, not moving her just putting a blanket over her. The doctor checked her and called the ambulances.
The took some x-ray pics and ct-pics of her spine and found out that she broke one of her lumbar vertebra. Only good thing is, that it is broken in the direction to her tummy and not to the spinal cord (medulla) that would causes a paraplegia. I'm really so thankfull for this!!
Of course it was already weekend and not many doctors were there, so we need to wait for Monday until the doctors have their meetings to see how we go on from there.
It's a real chaos here... I'm supposed to fly to the USA on Wednesday and now two of my teeth started hurting real bad too. So, I need to get an appointment for the dentist tomorrow.... but first waiting for the hospital to call when I can go there to talk with the doctor. Nothing is done for my trip and I even do not know if I can make it or need to delay it for a few days.
Well, I will know more tomorrow.
I guess, only those who have been through similar know how it is.... sitting in the dark and cold next to her, trying to keep cool and to comfort her. You've got so many thoughts of what could be damaged and a lot of fear... I'm so glad that it was not worse!!! Any prayers are very welcome! Thank you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Juggernaut :(

Ich komme mir echt total veräppelt vor mit dem supertollen raren Glas, welches innerhalb weniger Stunden ausverkauft war. Genau... das Juggernaut. Manche verstehen halt ziemlich gut die Werbetrommel zu rühren. Ich habe ein paar Testperlen davon gedreht auf verschiedenen Basis Perlen und dazu Vergleichsperlen mit Luna2. Das Foto könnt ihr auf meiner Homepage Beadfairy ansehen.

Gestern habe ich noch mit meiner Tocher über den Yahoo messenger gechattet, leider war die Sprachqualität so schlecht und abgehackt, dass wir immer wieder schreiben mussten. Aber es war total schön sie zu sehen! :) Am Donnerstag steht die Heimfahrt wieder an und am Freitag kommen sie in den frühen Morgenstunden an. Ich freue mich schon auf sie, es war jetzt ziemlich still hier :D

I'm feeling kind of fooled about that superduper rare glass Juggernaut what was sold out within a few hours! Some are just great in advertising to make you feel you get something very special. A nice glass, but not so special! I made a few test beads and showed those on my Homepage Beadfairy.

Yesterday I was chatting with my daughter on Yahoo messenger with the cam ...unfortunately you couldn't understand very much as the connection wasn't very good, so we typed a lot. But it was so nice to see her. On Thursday they will drive back home and get here in the early morning of Friday .... I'm looking forward for her...it has been quiet here *lol*

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fühle mich äzend / Just feeling *Blaaah*

Meine Tochter hat mir noch ein schönes Andenken an sie hinterlassen, bevor sie nach Spanien gefahren ist.... ihre Erkältung. Also habe ich jetzt so einen gemeinen Grippevirus mit Stirnhöhlenentzündung...
Am Samstag war mit meiner Schwester ein Essen ausgemacht, welches sie heute aber verschoben hat. Mir solls recht sein, da ich noch nicht weiß wie ich mich bis dahin fühle. Für danach hatte ich noch bei einem kleinen Umtrunk mit meinen Freunden zusgesagt. Mal sehen, wie ich mich bis dahin fühle. Eigentlich sollte ich mich dort blicken lassen, auch wenn es mir nicht so gut gehen sollte, sonst wird wieder gemunkelt, dass ich mich zurückziehe. *hmm*

Well my daughter left here something for me before she went to spain...
her cold :D
So I have it now and feeling awful as I always have very fast problems with my sinuses too.
On the weekend I wanted to go out for dinner with my sister, but she told me today that it doesn't work out. Ok with me and my cold :D
There is a little meeting with my friends too and I wanted to go there after dinner. So, I will see how I'm feeling on Saturday. If I do not show up they might think I don't want to see them. I had some trouble with them about that a few months before :(

Was anderes.... eigentlich mache ich ja lieber Glasperlen als Schmuck zu gestalten. Aber da wir auch Märkte haben, muss das halt auch sein. Dieser Choker hat mir besonders gut gefallen:

Something else.... usually I love to make my beads, more than creating jewelry. But as we run some markets too, I need to make some once in a while. I especially liked this choker:

Have a nice day everyone :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spain and Beads Gallery April'09

The kids arrived safe in Spain :)I'm really glad about that. The family where my daughter stays is very friendly and I think she will have a great time there. She mentioned that she wants to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. ....aaaahhhh I want that too :D I love the ocean and miss that. Funny sitting here in the cold (shortly before first snow) and she is there in the warmth :) I hope they have a blast!

Further I wanted to show you a gallery of my beads made in April this year...well, those are not all of them,
but mostly :D

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pupils Exchange Spain / International Frustration Scream Day

My daughter left today for the pupils exchange of her school to Tarragona / Spain. The trip will take approx. 18 hours and I hope they arrive there well.
Yesterday she was going to the stable where she takes care of  Nino, a pony and had a hard time to say "bye bye" for those two weeks she will stay in Spain.

I like to listen to the radio when I'm sitting on my torch and spinning beads :) Well and they mentioned that today is the international frustration scream day ...

Cool.... come scream it out your frustration :D That will make us all feel better ... maybe so :)