Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kinderfest & Umzug / Children's treat and festival procession

I know I'm a little late on this but anyway... I wanted to show you the pics of the children's treat and the festival procession on the 16th, July.
Every two years our village celebrates this party for the children and it starts with a festival procession. As my daughter was with some other equestrians on top of the procession I needed to take some pics of course :)
All together:

And "Ninchen" (Nino) with Jasmin:

Pretty Nino :)

After the procession everyone could meet in a big party tent where a band was playing ... There were also the italian  interchange people from Italy of our village here and made delicious italian food. .....  the party went on to the early morning hours :) A very nice day!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

YYEeeeaaaAAHHH - Perfect Day!

YEEEEeeeeeesssss :D  On Saturday I had my belated birthday party with my friends and there was also the world cup soccer match Germany vs. Argentina. After only 2 minutes we had our first goal *yeeeeaaahhh* :D and won with 4:0 !!!!
It was a very hot day, about 37°C / 98°F very unusual for this place here and sooo great as I like it warm and hot :D
On the floor you can see our world cup trophy ... an empty beer barrel from the first match with all our signatures on :) We carry it to every other match with us as a mojo

It's a hot, hot summer :) .... playing with water for cooling down a bit
Getting late .... :)
It was just a PERFECT DAY!!!  :)))

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back on Track

Hi ya'll, so I find some time to update my blog.... finally! :)

Some of you might have seen the last bead sets on my website and that I called one set "Back on Track"
Well, there is a story behind that. ...  long story short: after struggling and stumbling around for the last two years I found myself again and what is really important in my life. My family and my friends are the most important things ... and that's why " I'm back on Track"!

Things what happened in the last months: In April my flight was booked to Jackson ( Sandhill ), Ms and as there was the problem with the Iceland ash cloud it got cancelled and postponed for 7 days. One day before the flight my son got a lung collaps (pneumothorax) and needed to stay in the hospital. As he was getting well fast on the same day with the air drainage and the doctors said he will be fine I didn't postpone the flight again. Another reason for not postponing was that there was a short trip booked to the gulf coast at 2nd of May to Long Beach, Ms in a bed &and breakfast lodge (Long Beach Lodge) We stayed there for 4 nights and it was very nice except the missed ship tour to ship islands and that only one (ok two) visit at the beach for relaxing and going into the ocean... I love that so much :)
I did stay in close contact to my son and my family each day on the Yahoo IM messenger and it was ok.

I will get the pics of the trip online in a flickr album. It was really nice there although the oil spill happened two weeks before, but you didn't see anything so far at the beach.

Getting back home again I had a quarrel with Jim R. aka heartofdragon from glasskissedstudio - Sandhill, MS and he didn't talk to me anymore for over one week. The cooperation with glasskissedstudio ended with that. Right now I'm having a hard time to get my stuff back to Germany as I do not know when or if he ship things. I have a lot of bead presses there what I would like to sell and there are all of my focal beads, thats why I put them offline everywhere in the shops. When I get them back here to my home I will put them online again ... hopefully they arrive soon!  I'm also waiting for a bunch of glass and other bead making tools, so I'm a bit nervous if everything will work out right. I really never got so dissapointed in my whole life by a person like him.
Oh well.... live goes on.... let it go! :)
Another good thing is, that my (rather my husbands one) old ebay account is activated again: *bead-fairy* is alive again and I will get more new sets online there. Hopefully my old customers find my beads again in the ebay bead jungle :)

Now I'm enjoing life more than ever in the last years and that is the best thing of all. One of my friends have had his 40's birthday and that is a very important one in Germany... that is a very big, big thing. Here in the swabian area they say you get "wise" when you turn 40 :) Everyone tries to do something very special like singing special texted songs for him or playing a little scene. We played a scene from the little red riding hood (brother grimms) but played it with different, funny song texts. We had a blast :D and the guests all liked it very much, too!
I will put some more pics also online on my flickr.

Another good thing is, that my (rather my husbands one) old ebay account is activated again: *bead-fairy* is alive again and I will get more new sets online there. Hopefully my old customers find my beads again in the ebay beads jungle :)

Thats it folks, I will come back later for more.... so long
~~ Karin

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A lot of stuff to tell :)

It's been a while that I've been here.... as I didn't had any nerve to spend much time for blogging or tweets or anything else. I was just too busy with myself I guess.
A lot things have happened in the meanwhile, since last November.
Of course I cancelled my flight to the USA as my daughter had her surgery on that day I should fly, but got another one a week later.
The surgery went fine and now, three months after that we need to do a x-ray control, to be sure everything is fine. They put two needles into the vertebra to pumb it up again to a normal shape and then they put some kind of "cement" (ceramics) into it. An organic one what will be replaced over two years with her own osseous matter. After that she still needed to wear a corsette...but not the whole day. If everything is fine now... she's allowed to do sports again and horse riding.
Yeeeaaah, I know :D  but that is what she really loves doing. But she's not allowed to ride that horse again as it is very difficult to handle.
She is so sad that she can not ride him again, but the lady at the stable also told her that she's not allowed to ride him again.
All her sadness came out on that video she made:

But I'm so glad that she is ok again and not sitting in a wheel chair. I spend a nice time in the USA and got back right before my mothers birthday on the 18th Dec.

I have large personal goals for this year and do not really know what I can make and where I will fail. Right now it seems more that I fail on almost everything :(
Good thing is... that I lost some weight ... 20lbs so far but I still have some more to go and personal frustation  is throwing me always back again :( 
Good thing is too, ...that I have a part time job now and I can start to save some money if possible for my own.

Good thing is... that my son got 18 years old this month on the 12th and he is simply a great kid!! ♥♥♥☺ The 18th birthday is special is like getting 21 in the States. So he is allowed to do everything now without his parents agreement ... idk is that really a good thing?? :D  *joking*

Good thing is... that I have a new ebay account now on my name to sell my beads
Bad thing is.... it takes time to build it up ... sales are so frustrating slow that I'm having a really hard time.
Good thing is... a few customers support me and switched with me to that new account.

I'm confident that I reach some goals I have. Wish me good luck! So long ...☺