Saturday, February 27, 2010

A lot of stuff to tell :)

It's been a while that I've been here.... as I didn't had any nerve to spend much time for blogging or tweets or anything else. I was just too busy with myself I guess.
A lot things have happened in the meanwhile, since last November.
Of course I cancelled my flight to the USA as my daughter had her surgery on that day I should fly, but got another one a week later.
The surgery went fine and now, three months after that we need to do a x-ray control, to be sure everything is fine. They put two needles into the vertebra to pumb it up again to a normal shape and then they put some kind of "cement" (ceramics) into it. An organic one what will be replaced over two years with her own osseous matter. After that she still needed to wear a corsette...but not the whole day. If everything is fine now... she's allowed to do sports again and horse riding.
Yeeeaaah, I know :D  but that is what she really loves doing. But she's not allowed to ride that horse again as it is very difficult to handle.
She is so sad that she can not ride him again, but the lady at the stable also told her that she's not allowed to ride him again.
All her sadness came out on that video she made:

But I'm so glad that she is ok again and not sitting in a wheel chair. I spend a nice time in the USA and got back right before my mothers birthday on the 18th Dec.

I have large personal goals for this year and do not really know what I can make and where I will fail. Right now it seems more that I fail on almost everything :(
Good thing is... that I lost some weight ... 20lbs so far but I still have some more to go and personal frustation  is throwing me always back again :( 
Good thing is too, ...that I have a part time job now and I can start to save some money if possible for my own.

Good thing is... that my son got 18 years old this month on the 12th and he is simply a great kid!! ♥♥♥☺ The 18th birthday is special is like getting 21 in the States. So he is allowed to do everything now without his parents agreement ... idk is that really a good thing?? :D  *joking*

Good thing is... that I have a new ebay account now on my name to sell my beads
Bad thing is.... it takes time to build it up ... sales are so frustrating slow that I'm having a really hard time.
Good thing is... a few customers support me and switched with me to that new account.

I'm confident that I reach some goals I have. Wish me good luck! So long ...☺