Sunday, July 4, 2010

YYEeeeaaaAAHHH - Perfect Day!

YEEEEeeeeeesssss :D  On Saturday I had my belated birthday party with my friends and there was also the world cup soccer match Germany vs. Argentina. After only 2 minutes we had our first goal *yeeeeaaahhh* :D and won with 4:0 !!!!
It was a very hot day, about 37°C / 98°F very unusual for this place here and sooo great as I like it warm and hot :D
On the floor you can see our world cup trophy ... an empty beer barrel from the first match with all our signatures on :) We carry it to every other match with us as a mojo

It's a hot, hot summer :) .... playing with water for cooling down a bit
Getting late .... :)
It was just a PERFECT DAY!!!  :)))