Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guardian Angels - Schutzengel!

A lot did happen from last year 'til now...

My mom had a bad stroke last year, one day before her 72 birthday on 18th Dec. She fell and also broke her pelvis. This is almost one year ago and she 's walking again... not like before but we are happy with how she recovered from the stroke. The fingers still do not feel anything, but she can use her arm and hand again. GO on! :)

I mentioned some time before that I had a part time job and this year I got a permanent position for half days on three days a week. I'm really so glad about this! Got my creativity back a little and creating more focal beads again :) Good thing!

Also since beginning of this year we got a new family member :) NINO - Yessss! The Pony, my daughter did take care of is her's now! She is so happy with him! They are working on him with a special trainer to break him in again and he got a new saddle. They found out that he might did have bad back pains, thats why he was hitting out sometimes. She is already riding him again slowly :)

OK, so I told about the guardian angels, right? This shocked us all very much and we are so happy that my son is doing so fine! 
His friend and him had to drive to school last week what is about half an hour away from here in Bad √úberkingen, near Geislingen/Steige. His friend does have his driving license for about two weeks and wanted to turn left to school and did not see the oncoming traffic. A car crashed into the side where my son was sitting and the firedept. needed to cut him out as they couldn't open the door anymore. His was told not to move, because of possible vertebrae injury. They x-rayed him and did ultrasound of the internal organs ... all was OK! He's got only bruises along his right side, the rips hurt most he said. 
This is the link from the newspaper:

So, we are going to have nice and grateful X-Mas Holidays and wish you all the same!